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Parts Content Services – Accuris

Consult with compliance experts through Content Services

Environmental Compliance, Conflict Minerals, and Export Compliance Services

Balance your product regulations, customer requirements, and corporate goals—while managing all the part content needed to support them.

Successful companies are undergoing a digital transformation to meet increased requirements. Our consultants provide critical component, supplier, and compliance information, including the latest technical, environmental compliance, and sourcing data and documentation from component manufacturers and suppliers around the world.

Accuris provides a two-prong approach to help you build and maintain content:

Parts Database of 1.1 billion electronic and mechanical parts.

This content is automatically maintained by the Accuris team based on information published by the original component manufacturer, new material regulations, distributor pricing and availability, and Accuris-generated content (part classification and standard ways to describe similar parts, estimated obsolescence). This content is directly available in our applications through our integrations. This is the quickest and most cost-effective way to obtain and maintain needed part content.

Accuris Content Services.

When the content you need isn’t in the Parts Database (such as custom parts, content for a new use model, etc.), Accuris provides Content Services. These services target specific information and typically source, process, and deliver the content into your BOM Intelligence application, or provide a deliverable to load into a corporate database or application (PLM, Material Compliance, ERP, etc.). Content Services follow an ISO 9001 certified process. Services are provided by our expert content teams and are extremely cost-effective compared to companies doing this themselves. Experts also consult on core regulations and workflows, including targeted workshops.