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Goldfire – Accuris

Effective answers to critical questions, in real time

Make better decisions faster with the Goldfire semantic search platform

On average, an engineer will consult 13 different sources before they find the answer they’re seeking. That adds up to about 42% of your engineering team’s time simply spent looking for siloed data. Engineers are innovators, builders, creators – their time is worth more.

Goldfire is the only AI-powered software platform designed for engineering teams to enhance research, innovation, and decision-making. Pre-trained on millions of engineering documents, it can securely read and understand technical information and processes. Goldfire quickly locates the information you need through a powerful semantic search engine. It integrates seamlessly with your organization’s systems and data, both internal and external, helping engineers to quickly find the critical information they need. 

Accelerate your AI capabilities with Goldfire Chat

Available now from Accuris: Goldfire Chat API seamlessly integrates into your internal and external document management systems, enabling your large language model (LLM) to deliver the most relevant trusted data from your libraries – without generating misinformation or AI hallucinations.
Coming soon: Goldfire Chat, your superhuman assistant that answers your questions. Goldfire Chat uses generative AI and the powerful Goldfire search engine, trained on millions of engineering documents, to provide the most relevant and precise information from your organization’s data.
You get:

  • Effortless answers from your indexed datasets
  • Enhanced accuracy and relevancy for your complex engineering questions
  • Seamless, scalable integration with various data environments
  • Secure data access that safeguards sensitive and proprietary data
  • Accelerated innovation – rapidly prototype and test new ideas with real-time data