NEW PRODUCT: Engineering Workbench Professional

Smart standards management with new AI capabilities.
Engineering Workbench (EWB) – Accuris

Use AI to locate, understand, and implement standards, codes, and regulations

Introducing Engineering Workbench Professional (EWB Professional) - the leading platform for standards, codes, and regulations management, combining 60 years of industry experience and cutting-edge AI technology.

EWB Professional is the recognized industry leader for integrating standards and technical content into your engineering workflow. Powered by AI (semantic search, machine learning, natural language processing, document understanding, and information retrieval), Engineering Workbench Professional surfaces the knowledge you need in seconds, pulling from the world’s largest collection of specs and standards from nearly 200 publishers.

  • 2.3M industry standards
  • 39M links between standards that reference each other
  • 76.5M technical articles, journals and books
  • 107M patents, patent applications, utility models, and abstracts
  • 650K users worldwide
  • 20+ years advanced AI technology development