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BOM Intelligence – Accuris

Supply Chain Intelligence for fab & foundry data.

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Solve compliance & supply chain issues with BOM Intelligence

Automated BOM reporting and analysis with a database of 1.1 billion parts

Managing electronic components is more crucial than ever as obsolescence, part shortages, counterfeit products, and environmental non-compliance risks continue to grow.

  • Counterfeit parts alone cost manufacturers $7.5 billion annually in lost revenue
  • Obsolescence and supply chain risks can lead to a redesign, costing an average $80k per redesign
  • Collecting environmental compliance documentation costs an average of $2.50 per part

What’s more, many BOM analysis solutions in the market fall short because they use a narrow component database, making it time-intensive and strenuous to address these expansive challenges.

Bill of Material Reporting & Analysis: BOM Intelligence solves these problems by integrating a project’s bill of materials with obsolescence management, Product Change Notifications (PCN), End-Of-Life (EOL) notices, and Supply Chain alerts – pulling data from the industry’s largest electronic components database of 1.1+ billion parts.