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Designers, architects, civil engineers, and structural engineers streamline workflows and strengthen insights with our world class technologies backed by the largest collection of technical content.


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Recommended Solutions for Building Design & Construction

Accuris offers building design and construction engineers the largest collection of technical content, delivered via AI-powered workflow solutions that bring data to bear on projects efficiently and effectively.

Accuris provides:
  • Industry standards
  • Government procurement data
  • Engineering design methods
  • Codes
  • Electronic component data
  • Other publications for all stages of the engineering process
Construction Information Service

Centralize construction information

Find current, definitive construction standards and information for the UK and Ireland. Updated daily, CIS offers a powerful, easy-to-use search engine to find authoritative information for every stage of the construction lifecycle

Engineering Workbench (EWB)

Standards management

Engineering Workbench is an intuitive solution designed as a single source for engineering teams to access and integrate standards and technical content into their workflows – saving time, accelerating innovation, and mitigating risk.

Haystack Gold

Defense parts & logistics

Haystack Gold is the leading defense parts and logistics management solution for use in government, military, and all tiers of the A&D supply chain. Haystack provides the most current pricing, technical and availability data on 1B+ part references in 70+ interconnected databases.


Research acceleration

Goldfire is a knowledge enablement platform that accelerates research and knowledge sharing. Powered by AI, Goldfire finds answers in context with cognitive search, connecting information much like the human brain.

BOM Intelligence

Bill of Materials management and analysis

Manage your Bill of Materials in this all-in-one platform. BOM Intelligence helps you analyze your BOM with access to information on 1.1B+ electronic parts, obsolescence data, EOL alerts, PCNs, and other research and analysis.

Parts Intelligence

Information on 1.1B parts

Source your parts confidently with Parts Database, the world leading electronic parts database with over 1.1 billion electronic components, electro-mechanical parts, and fasteners. Find comprehensive information about suppliers, technical attributes, part alternates, lifecycle forecasts, and pricing and availability data.

Parts Change Notices

Get notified of parts changes

Get notified immediately of part changes, part discontinuations, and end of life notices to maintain a healthy supply chain. Parts Change Notices provides access to critical and timely information so you can assess the impact of changes to the parts in your BOM

Parts API Integrations

XML and SaaS integrations with your systems

Integrate Accuris Parts data with your internal data, systems, and workflows. Streamline the management of your electronic component data and enrich your internal applications with accurate, up-to-date parts information so you can make more confident, well-informed decisions

Parts Content Services

Parts Experts to support your workflows

Customize your parts and BOM management with the help of Accuris expert consultants. Our subject matter experts provide critical component information, supplier insights, and compliance information to improve your product development and help you manage compliance and supply chain risks.

Case Studies

Pascall+Watson Saves Time with Online Access to Technical Building Documents

As the biggest airport terminal designer in the United Kingdom, this premier architectural firm has enabled all its employees to easily find and view UK building standards documents online — anytime, anywhere. The staff can be confident documents are current and save time previously spent maintaining or searching for hard copies.  Download the case study

Willmott Dixon Builds in Outstanding Quality by Increasing Leverage of Construction Industry Standards

One of the UK’s largest construction companies is building stellar quality into its projects by increasing its leverage of construction industry standards information – positive results range from reassuring a customer about a pipe-fitting solution to resolving a subcontractor dispute and saving £35,000.  Download the case study

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