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Smart standards management with new AI capabilities.
Engineering Sciences Data Unit (ESDU) – Accuris

Ensure optimal product design, performance, safety and compliance

Access 1,800+ validated engineering design guides

Drawing upon a legacy of more than 80 years, the Engineering Sciences Data Unit (ESDU) is a unique and unsurpassed knowledge base that provides reliable validated engineering design data, methods and software to engineers and designers.

  • 1,800+ design guides
  • 80 yrs in the industry
  • 16 dedicated committees
  • 200+ global industry, academic, and government experts

Integrate unmatched knowledge into your engineering process

Today’s engineers have ready access to multiple sources of information. What makes our content unique is its unmatched levels of depth, rigor, and comprehensiveness. Our products provide you with the collective knowledge of hundreds of engineers and include data and information that in many cases are unpublished and only available to ESDU through our committee process.