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Accuris is driving innovation forward.

For over 60 years, our teams have focused on meeting engineers where they’re at, to understand and improve their day-to-day workflows.

Today, Accuris specializes in SaaS technology solutions that leverage proprietary artificial intelligence and unmatched access to engineering data and insights embedded into workflows to solve problems, reduce risk, and accelerate innovation. We work with over 6,000 global customers and 650,000 engineering end users in over 100 countries and dozens of industries – including aerospace and defense, energy, sustainability, construction, architecture, and more. Accuris partners with 400+ Standards Development Organizations to support their non-profit missions, streamlining access to 2.3 million engineering standards for innovation and progress across the globe.

Our History

From microfilm, to floppy disk, to CD, to PDF. We've transformed as a company to serve the changing needs of our customers and industry, and we wouldn't be here without you.

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  • 1959:IHS founded

    IHS started as an information and analytics provider with a mission to provide insights that shape the business landscape.

  • 1990:IHS launches Parts Solutions

    Parts Solutions began in 1990, developing into a robust set of technologies that were made stronger with acquisitions of PartMiner, PCN Alert, and Promier from 2007-2012.

  • 1992:IHS launches CIS

    The Construction Information Service started on microfilm, eventually evolving to an online tool providing regulations, standards, advice, and news to construction industries in the UK & Ireland.

  • 1997:IHS acquires ESDU

    ESDU originated as the Technical Department of the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAS) in 1940, bringing together engineers from multiple industries to share and present their knowledge.

  • 2000:IHS launches the Standards Store

    Evolving from microfilm to PDF, the retail store partners with over 400 SDOS, offering standards and technical info all in one online place.

  • 2005:IHS launches Haystack Gold

    Developed starting in 1988 and merging with USA Information Systems Inc platform to become a standalone product in 2005, Haystack continues to develop and provide users access to critical US government and military data.

  • 2012:IHS acquires Goldfire

    Goldfire began in 1990 as Invention Machine, which focused on structured innovation using Al-powered semantic research technology. Acquired in 2012, the tech behind Goldfire is now also used to power Engineering Workbench.

  • 2015:IHS launches Knowledge Collections

    Knowledge Collections hosts engineering and technical reference content, complementing the many standards collections we offer. Knowledge Collections is available through the Engineering Workbench platform.

  • 2016:IHS merges with Markit

    IHS and Markit merged creating a global leader in information, analytics and solutions. Engineering & Product Design continued to serve users and respond to their needs through customer support and product development.

  • 2017:IHS Markit launches Engineering Workbench

    Formerly Standards Expert, Engineering Workbench is a unique technology solution to a set of common engineering problems, powered by Al and standards management features like GetLink, Smart Compare, and Research Assistant.

  • 2021:IHS Markit launches Knowledge Workspace

    Knowledge Workspace was launched to provide a new cutting edge platform for OHSIS, which includes occupational health and safety information from 500+ data sources to users in the UK & Ireland.

  • 2022:IHS Markit merges with S&P Global

    Engineering & Product Design became Engineering Solutions, continuing to provide competitive technologies, standards and information, and world class customer service to all of our clients.

2023: S&P Global Engineering Solutions becomes Accuris

Now our own company, we have a renewed focus - to invest in our teams, our solutions, our customer experience, and our long-term opportunity to create and innovate. We couldn't be more excited to kick off this journey, there is so much more to come.

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