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Develop a healthy electronic components supply chain

Managing electronic components has become increasingly challenging. Component lifecycles evolve at different rates. Designers must select electronic components that meet diverse criteria. Supply chains are volatile.

Electronic Parts Management Solutions help you to master these challenges, from design, to production, to sustainment. Our solutions provide access to technical specifications, pricing, stock availability, predictive lifecycle, environmental compliance, export compliance, and counterfeit risk information. Our solutions can facilitate the integration of electronic parts information into your internal enterprise systems, enabling your engineers to make better-informed decisions to support a healthy electronic components supply chain.

  • 1.1+ billion parts indexed
  • updated daily
  • unbiased coverage

Parts Solutions are for you if you want to:

  • Manage obsolescence
  • Minimize supply chain disruptions during unplanned events or natural disasters
  • Assess impact of Product Change Notices (PCN) and End-of-Life Notices (EOL)
  • Reduce component research time
  • Advance the use of common parts
  • Achieve procurement savings
  • Augment and update your internal information systems
  • Avoid board redesign costs caused by obsolescence events
  • Expedite regulatory compliance
  • Streamline your data management
  • Win more business and negotiate favorable quotes

Unparalleled coverage

Underpinning each of our solutions is the world’s most accurate and up-to-date electronic, electro-mechanical, and fastener component database with over 1.1 billion parts and daily updates.

No other provider offers unbiased coverage of these components with this depth and breadth.

  • Industry-leading cross-references
  • Rich technical attributes
  • Lifecycle risks
  • Supply chain management risks
  • Environmental and export compliance risks
  • Current and historical datasheets
  • and more

Our solutions provide clarity and control over your electronics parts supply chain

  • BOM Intelligence: Bill of materials analysis solution

    Meet production targets on time and within budget by using the world’s leading bill of materials analysis solution.

  • Parts Intelligence: Leading electronic components

    Identify the ideal electronic components using the industry-leading electronic components market research solution for electronics design.

  • Parts API Integrations: Power your current systems with integrated component data

    Stay up-to-date using an Application Programming Interface (API) based upon industry standard JSON or XML definitions.

  • Content Services: Customize your experience with targeted component data from a team of experts

    Support key use models for parts and materials beyond the Electronic Parts Database.

  • PCN Intelligence: Critical manufacturer notices delivered to your desktop daily

    Meet electronic component management challenges head-on with powerful matching algorithms that deliver specific, relevant updates so users can quickly assess impacts to their designs and products.

Our Suite of Electronics Parts Management Solutions

  • Reliable, unbiased source to monitor component status for parts 24/7 – including PCNs, EOLs, and regulatory compliance information for over 1.1 billion components
  • Lifecycle forecasts to manage obsolescence and prevent late-stage design changes
  • Quickly identify all products with at-risk components, and impacted BOMs and owners
  • Mitigate supply chain disruptions by finding part alternatives – with over 737 million part replacements and suppliers
BOM Intelligence
Parts API Integrations
Parts Database
PCN Intelligence
  • Comply with RoHS, REACH, conflict minerals, and US export legislation and stay current with new regulations
  • Identify regulatory exemptions at both application and component levels and detect impacted BOMs
  • Create an auditable system of record for conflict minerals compliance
Content Services
BOM Intelligence
Parts Database
  • Source the best price by using a single repository with unbiased, standardized information for component part pricing and availability
  • Negotiate contracts based on “true” average customer pricing
  • Avoid counterfeit parts with access to early alerts and the leading database of authorized suppliers
  • Synchronize this information with your internal ERP/PLM to optimize spend based on part use
Parts Database
BOM Intelligence
Parts API Integrations
  • Compare parts and vendors
  • Identify ways to reuse parts
  • Buy from preferred manufacturers
  • Find alternate suppliers/manufacturers
  • Buy parts that are near end-of-life to avoid redesign expense
BOM Intelligence
Parts Database
  • Provide users with quick, unified access to a single application to manage all parts information across the entire organization, including technical data, datasheets, EOLs, PCNs, and compliance information
  • Supplement internal data with Accuris reference content for complete obsolescence, environmental, export, and procurement information throughout the lifecycle
  • Cleanse data prior to loading into internal systems
Parts API Integrations
Content Services
Parts Database
BOM Intelligence
  • Win more business and increase market share with better electronic parts information access
  • Provide cross-references to competitor’s parts on your website to direct customers to your parts and inventory
  • Process RFQs faster than your competitors
  • Integrate cross-referencing and lifecycle part pricing into your quoting/ERP systems for a seamless customer experience
Parts Database
BOM Intelligence
Parts API Integrations

Trusted by a global customer base

With the Accuris data, we can gain a true picture of the composition of the product from top to bottom, so we can instantly and confidently tell the import/export country and customers whether or not we comply. We reduced delivery time of compliance documentation about RoHS and REACH from weeks to less than 2 days. That’s an estimated 86 percent increase in efficiency.
Data & Business System Manager Trimble

Case Studies

e2v meets urgent customer need and protects business by reducing risks and enabling conflict mineral compliance

This global technology provider helped a customer comply with conflict-mineral regulations related to 548 electronic components from 60 companies in the supply chain.  Download the case study

Texas Instruments Enhances Customer Service by Expanding Cross References from 100K to 2M

One of the world’s premier semiconductor companies increased the number of cross references in its parts database from 100,000 to nearly 2 million. In doing so, the company boosted results of its parts with the lowest searches by 52% and helped its customers find alternatives for obsolete parts so they can avoid the need to redesign products.  Download case study

IEC Electronics defuses supply chain risks and reduces RFP turnaround from 14 to 3 days

As a leader in electronic manufacturing services, this US-based company streamlined work processes across six departments, reduced turnaround on RFP deliverables from as much as two weeks to 72 hours, enabled customers to plan for product end-of-life issues and achieved strong ROI by enabling one staffer to do the work of five employees.  Download case study

Trimble increases efficiency by 86% for management of tens of thousands of components

This provider of location-based technologies ensures compliance with complex EHS regulations and avoids disruptions to its supply chain with BOM Intelligence. Managers instantly find data on thousands of parts each quarter versus manually looking up each one, reducing delivery time of RoHS and REACH documentation from weeks to under 2 days – an 86% increase in efficiency.  Download the case study

Global oilfield services leader minimizes risks and costs by proactively maintaining inventory of electronic components

One of the world’s largest oilfield services providers reduced uncertainty about parts obsolescence and replacement availability by providing its employees with real-time access to data.  Download case study

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