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Spotlight Topics

Introducing Goldfire Chat: Revolutionizing Generative AI Projects

Discover how Accuris new Goldfire Chat leverages GenAI to revolutionize engineering workflows. Get enhanced accuracy,  and solve problems faster with our conversational chat interface.

Compliance and Safety: AS/NZS 1716:2012 for Respiratory Protective Devices

Learn how AS/NZS 1716:2012 promotes compliance and safety in the medical device engineering industry by providing guidance on respiratory devices.

Food Production and Safety with AS 4696:2023

Learn about AS 4696:2023 for hygienic meat processing and transportation, promoting food safety in the meat industry for public health and economic benefits.

Conflict Minerals Due Diligence

Learn about conflict mineral due diligence with the OECD 5-Step Framework for electronic product manufacturers. Get insights on responsible sourcing and compliance with the US SEC rules.

Electric Vehicle Maintenance and Repair with AS/NZS 5732:2022

Standards Australia is now available via Accuris - including AS/NZS 5732:2022, covering Electric Vehicle (EV) technology and safety criteria.

Conflict Mineral Reporting

The deadline for Conflict Mineral reporting for 2023 is fast approaching on May 30th. In the second installment of our three-part blog series on Conflict Minerals, we analyze the 2022 reporting year and offer solutions for the upcoming 2023 reporting period.

Revitalizing Infrastructure: Key Bridge Rebuild

Explore how AI and Machine Learning technologies could enable the reconstruction of Baltimore, Maryland's Key Bridge, by expediting project schedules and facilitating inventive design, efficient data handling, and optimal resource distribution.

Intro to Conflict Minerals

Learn about conflict minerals in the electronics industry, their impact, regulations, and responsible sourcing. Understand the risks and how companies can ensure ethical practices.

Electronic Component Pricing and Availability

Learn about the importance of accessing the right pricing and availability data for your electronic components to minimize supply chain risk.

PFAS Regulations

Learn about updates on PFAS (perfluorinated- and polyfluorinated-alkyl substances) regulations and how they impact the electronics industry.

Material Compliance Requirements: REACH, RoHS, SCIP

Learn about the most impactful global material compliance regulations influencing electronic part production and availability.

Electronic Part Obsolescence Explained

Electronic part obsolescence is a growing issue for modern electronic products. Read here to learn about obsolescence and how to minimize its impact.

Supply Chain Risk Management

Supply Chain Risk Management is a crucial piece of building a stable and reliable supply chain. Read here to learn about established methods for managing risk and optimizing your electronics supply chain.

Face the global semiconductor shortage head on

This deep dive reviews the factors impacting the semiconductor shortage and several possible solutions. Learn how your business can solve supply chain issues today instead of passively waiting for the market to catch up.

Knowledge discovery with Goldfire Cognitive Search

Goldfire finds answers to engineering questions and provides valuable context to solve problems faster. In this white paper, learn how you can leverage Goldfire to increase productivity, reduce recall costs, and decrease engineers’ analysis time by up to 70%.

Next gen standards management with Engineering Workbench

Easily find and manage standards, codes and specifications so you can complete projects on time. The Engineering Workbench white paper walks you through how advanced search tools and a single source of knowledge can help you solve problems faster.

Make smarter sourcing decisions with Parts Intelligence

Parts Intelligence provides comprehensive electronic component and supplier data, so you can minimize risk, ensure compliance, and create a competitive advantage. Learn how to find the best components for any situation in this white paper.

Case Studies

Sasol's Engineering Revolution

Sasol, a global leader in the petrochemical industry, increases functionality by 90% by implementing Internal Standards Solutions on Engineering Workbench.

Hamble Aerostructures Prevents Multi-Million Dollar Problems with EWB and ESDU

Hamble Aerostructures, an Aernnova company, uses Engineering Workbench and Engineering Sciences Data Unit to ensure aerostructures meet safety and weight targets for aircraft such as the Airbus A350 and Racer Helicopter.

Saving $50K per day in manufacturing

An Engineering Workbench client that manufactures innovative and eco-friendly business jets is saving up to $50k per day by reducing Aircraft on Ground time. See how they use Engineering Workbench to diagnose and solve problems faster.

Consistently winning $4B+ contracts

Competition is strong when bidding on $4B+ US govt contracts, with less than 60 days to submit a bid. Here’s how our client, a leading aerospace and defense corporation, uses Haystack to consistently win.

Innovative Breakthrough in Solar Engineering

A surprisingly tricky problem is impacting the conversion of solar energy in farms around the world. Learn how our client, a leading renewable energy corporation, leveraged our AI-powered tech to find a solution in the world of plants.

Making air conditioning sustainable

Shinwa Controls, a Japanese leader in temperature control technologies, turned to Goldfire to reduce their product footprint by 50%.

Trimble increases efficiency by 86% managing tens of thousands of components

This provider of location-based technologies reduces delivery time of RoHS and REACH documentation from weeks to under 2 days – an 86% increase in efficiency.

Willmott Dixon builds in outstanding quality by increasing use of construction industry standards

One of the UK’s largest construction companies is building stellar quality into its projects using construction industry standards – resulting in higher customer satisfaction around pipe-fitting solutions and resolving a subcontractor dispute, saving £35,000.

Texas Instruments enhances customer service by expanding cross-references from 100k to 2M

One of the world’s premier semiconductor companies increased the number of cross-references in its parts database from 100,000 to nearly 2 million. This boosted results of parts with the lowest searches by 52% and helped customers find alternatives for obsolete parts, helping them avoid the need to redesign products.

Pascall+Watson saves time with online access to technical building documents

As the biggest airport terminal designer in the United Kingdom, this premier architectural firm has helped its employees to easily find and view UK building standards documents online — anytime, anywhere. The staff can be confident documents are current and save time previously spent maintaining or searching for hard copies.

IEC Electronics defuses supply chain risks and reduces RFP turnaround from 14 to 3 days

As a leader in electronic manufacturing services, this US-based company streamlined work processes across 6 departments, reduced turnaround on RFP deliverables from as much as 2 weeks to 72 hours, helped customers plan for product end-of-life issues, and achieved strong ROI by enabling one staffer to do the work of 5 employees.

Global oilfield services leader reduces risks and costs by maintaining inventory of electronic parts

One of the world’s largest oilfield services providers reduced uncertainty about parts obsolescence and replacement availability by providing its employees with real-time access to data.

e2v secures £1 million contract renewal by helping a customer with conflict mineral compliance

e2v met an urgent customer need by reducing risks and enabling conflict mineral compliance using Parts Solutions. This resulted in securing a £1 million contract renewal, avoiding a roadblock to future orders, and saving 2 months of work by a key employee.


Accuris Accelerates Growth Following Brand Debut

At Accuris, the last year has marked a period of accelerated growth. With our recent launches, key partnerships, and new additions to our leadership team, we're dedicated to delivering value and transforming engineering workflows globally.

Accuris and CTG Announce New Partnership

Accuris and CTG announced a new partnership that will integrate CTG's comprehensive inventory into Accuris' Haystack Gold logistics and supply chain management platform.

Standards Australia Now Available

Standards Australia now partners with Accuris - providing you with access to Standards Australia content via Engineering Workbench and the Accuris standards store.

Accuris Launches Engineering Workbench Professional

Accuris unveils its most advanced technology solution to date: EWB Professional to optimize engineering workflows.

Duane Newman named Accuris' Chief Product Officer

Accuris welcomes Duane Newman as its new Chief Product Officer (CPO)

SES names Jim Thomas as President-Elect

Accuris' Chief Partnership Officer, Jim Thomas, announced as President-Elect for the Society for Standardization Professionals.

mechanic welding in a metal shop

Accuris Partners with American Welding Society for Engineering Workbench Access

Our exclusive partnership with Standards Development Organization AWS allows members to quickly access broad sets of standards content.

Mitchell Rowe becomes Accuris CRO

Accuris named Mitchell "Mitch" Rowe its first Chief Revenue Officer. Rowe, an international sales leader with 25 years of experience in software sales, will oversee the strategy and performance of all revenue-generating teams at Accuris.

Richard Smith becomes Accuris CFO

Accuris named Richard Smith as the company’s first Chief Financial Officer. Smith brings more than a decade of financial leadership experience at market-leading technology companies.

Claude Pumilia succeeds Ken Honroth as CEO

As Accuris became a standalone company, Claude Pumilia was appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer. The former CEO, Ken Honroth, transitioned into the Chairman role.

Accuris launches as standalone company accelerating engineering workflow innovation

Long-known for accelerating innovation in engineering workflows, Accuris has now launched as a standalone company. Accuris works to support the vibrancy of the engineering community.